How Sport and Integrity Can Advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Building on the opening remarks of Director-General MIchael Møller (United Nations Office at Geneva) at the recent Sport Integrity Forum IV, Luna Global Networks underscored how the positive power of sport can serve as a multiplier force to inspire and transform societies and act as a catalyst for peace and security, by reinforcing and advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Applying Technology to Reinforce Security and Promote Development: Fighting Illicit Trade and Converging Threats: LGN Partners with UNICRI

Given the harms across numerous security threat landscapes, Luna Global Networks (LGN) will become a partner of SIRIO, working with UNICRI to promote cooperation across sectors and cohosting a series of dynamic dialogues with the hi-tech sector and other interested industries and communities to combat illicit trade by harnessing and leveraging innovative technologies such as blockchain, AI, and predictive analytics help to better inform evidence-based research and intelligence assessments, policies, capabilities, capacities, and training and educational awareness campaigns. 

Luna Global Networks Highlights Importance of Transformative Technologies and BlockChain to Fight Illicit Trade

Transformative technologies such as blockchain, track and trace, advanced analytics, network mapping, and data visualization are also very powerful tools that can help law enforcement communities and industries to identify emerging trends and patterns to anticipate threats, to target specific illicit hubs, and to investigate bad actors engaged in various cross-border trafficking crimes.