Ghost Orchid Coalition – Counter Human Trafficking Coalition Calls Nashville Home

The Ghost Orchid Coalition, announced today that it will call Nashville its home.

The Ghost Orchid Coalition aims to counter human trafficking across the USA.

Nashville, TN (PRUnderground) February 20th, 2019

A new 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, The Ghost Orchid Coalition, announced today that it will call Nashville its home. The Ghost Orchid Coalition, which aims to counter human trafficking across the United States, was co-founded by Timothy Gill and Walter Loope of Specter Security Group LLC, and David M. Luna, Luna Global Networks & Convergence Strategies LLC, is comprised of former senior-level FBI, U.S. State Department, U.S. Special Forces, Department of Defense (DoD), and CIA officials with a combined 100 years of professional experience.

The Ghost Orchid Coalition will leverage the combined expertise of dedicated former government national security professionals and veterans to help target, track and provide actionable intelligence to law enforcement and bring to justice today’s criminal traffickers and complicit facilitators.

At any given time, an estimated 40.3 million persons are enslaved around the world, including 24.9 million in forced labor of which 4.8 million endure forced physical exploitation. One in four victims of modern slavery are children. Human trafficking is happening at all hours, in all countries, cities and our own communities, with ever increasing frequency and intensity. While still largely an underreported crime, it is believed that every year thousands of American children in our country are commercially exploited physically including runaways, many between the ages of 13 and 17. Children 12 and younger also suffer physically and emotionally at the hands of criminal traffickers.

With the public announcement today of the new organization and the launch of their website – — concerned Americans and donors can provide support to advance the Coalition’s noble mission of helping bring victims of trafficking home through an array of innovative targeting analytics, training, and the creation of a state-of-the-art Intelligence Fusion Center.

No single community can abolish modern-day slavery or human trafficking. Through a network of networks approach and actionable intelligence, the Ghost Orchid Coalition will provide law enforcement supplemental data to rescue victims and that leads to the dismantling of trafficking networks. Additionally, Ghost Orchid Coalition aims to provide customized corporate training and educational programs that will help businesses and institutions better understand the threats posed by human trafficking and supports the resiliency of impacted families and their communities.

The website includes an interactive “Create your own campaign” feature, which will allow anyone to join the cause and become actively involved with the efforts of the Ghost Orchid Coalition to stop human trafficking at its core. Through public-private partnerships and strategic alliances across borders will help citizens to become more empowered and armed with intelligence and knowledge to spot human trafficking and report it to law enforcement agencies.

About The Ghost Orchid Coalition

Our mission is to rid the world of human trafficking using the finest technology and training available, raise awareness, and ultimately bring the victims home. Hidden in the shadows just like the ghost orchid, our team will target and track criminals and stop the exploitation of humans against their will.


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